Robert Colwill

As an accomplished developer himself, Rob knows what it takes to deliver a successful project from start to finish. Rob takes immense pride in his and his teams exceptional knowledge within the Land and New Homes sector. Over the past 18 years, Robert Colwill and his team, have been instrumental when appraising development viability from large scale sites, through to single dwellings.

Acting as agents for national developers such as; Bovis Homes, Midas and Pegasus, as well as local, award winning builders and architects, it’s clear that Colwills is the number one choice when wanting to maximise your development within the area.

If you have a development or land with development potential we’d love to use our knowledge and advise on the best way forward to maximise profitability for you.

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At every stage of the design and construction journey, our primary objective is to optimize your Gross Development Value (GDV).

Our portfolio includes diverse land plots, each offering unique development opportunities, strategically priced for affordability, and situated in prime locations. Colwills is committed to providing you with the essential information to ensure thorough preparation for building on these plots. For a more in-depth understanding of the land acquisition process, we encourage you to reach out today and speak with one of our experienced specialists.

Beyond our status as regional experts, we take pride in delivering a service that is not only friendly and professional but also strives to exceed your expectations as a Land and New Homes estate agent.

Land Owners

Colwills offers expert advice to individuals or businesses with plots holding development potential. Our services extend to guiding and assisting throughout the planning and development process, with a focus on maximising the value of the land.

Drawing on our extensive experience, we have gained a deep understanding of the landscapes in North Cornwall and Devon. We can also offer valuable advice when navigating the planning laws through local councils. As regional specialists in Land and New Homes, we not only bring comprehensive expertise but also prioritise delivering a friendly and professional service tailored to meet your expectations as a Land and New Homes estate agent.

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Client Case Studies

With a portfolio boasting esteemed clients such as Bovis Homes, McCarthy & Stone, Midas Homes, and Pegasus, among many others, it becomes evident that Colwills is unequivocally the number one choice for those seeking to maximise their development potential.
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Take advantage of our unrivalled knowledge and expertise

If you have land with untapped development potential, we eagerly invite you to take advantage of our unrivalled knowledge and expertise. Allow us to thoroughly assess the viability of your scheme and provide tailored advice that will ultimately lead to optimising profitability for you.

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